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Bonus Giveaway — Twisted Sugar Twine Package {$69 value}

Update – Giveaway closed. Winner is #260 — Nicole.
I’m in the car, heading home from our last family trip of the summer {my daughter goes back to school on Friday — whhaaaa}, but in the meantime I have an awesome *Surprise* giveaway for you — from Twisted Sugar Twine!! 
Another one of my Favorite Things!!!
I have their *Spark Pack* of 6 twines and I LOVE the colors. 
There are so many things you can do with these twines!
They are great for:
wrapping presents
Making cards
Tie them to balloons and banners 
Treat bags
Cake toppers
and so much more!! 

And if you follow along with their blog you will see some great uses, like:
And {FREE} Printables too! 
**Plus, if you follow along with the Twisted Sugar Twine Facebook page, you will keep up with their new products and any giveaways that they have going on!
 Twisted Sugar Twine™ is giving away a Spark Pack 240 package — 
 Lemonade Pink, Gray Macaron, Blue Sugar, Licorice Twist, Cola Red, and Limeade.
240 Yards per spool
720 Feet
100% Cotton
Made in USA
Wound on cardboard tube
Spool dimensions are 2″ diameter by 4″ tall
{valued at $69} 
Here’s how YOU can win: 
  • Share this giveaway with your friends through Twitter, Facebook or your Blog. one entry each.
Have a Happy Day!! 
PS – Coming up tomorrow, I am excited to show you my Stenciled Faux Roman Shades I made in my kitchen :)

And join me in the International Delight Coffee Talk community tonight at 9 pm Eastern — we will be talking about Beauty Tips and Secrets. I am so excited about this chat!!


  1. Left a comment on Baker's Twine blog!! :)


  2. Gray Macaron is my favorite! Love the color gray! :) thanks for the opportunity!!


  3. Jennifer "B" says:

    I shared on FB as well. I will leave a link, but my page is private. I can send a screen shot if needed :)


  4. Jennifer "B" says:

    I left a comment on the blog… this is the post: http://thebakerstwine.com/post/string-art-with-bakers-twine/

  5. Jennifer "B" says:

    I subscribed to the RSS Feed :)

  6. Jennifer "B" says:

    My fave color would def be the "sugar blue". It's a beautiful color and maybe it's my fave cause I have 2 boys :)

  7. Justins Mommy says:

    i tweeted about this giveaway

  8. Justins Mommy says:

    i commented on the string art post… (comment 12)

  9. Justins Mommy says:

    i subscribed. with my yahoo acct.

  10. Justins Mommy says:

    i liked Twisted Sugar Twine on Fb.

  11. Justins Mommy says:

    i love the pink lemonade twine.

  12. I follow the Baker's Twine blog!

  13. I love the red. It reminds me of the old fashioned bakery boxes and the string used to tie them with.

  14. Melissa, The Happier Homemaker says:

    Im a new subscriber to their blog!

  15. Melissa, The Happier Homemaker says:

    I love the grey macaroon twine…thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I subscribed to the baker's twine blog!

  17. I subscribed to the baker's twine blog :)


  18. I posted a comment on the baker's twine blog :)

  19. They have a great blog. I wish I had more hours in the day!!! I've started collecting twine, so I am now subscribing to the RSS feed at Twisted Sugar.

  20. Cola Red is my #1 pick — its bright color pops.

  21. I love the cola red. It makes me think of candy canes and Christmas.

  22. Pele the Chihuahua says:

    I left a comment on their blog post! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Pele the Chihuahua says:

    I am totally hearting the licorice twist!

  24. My favorite color is the Cola Red.

  25. HI THERE! says:

    I am now following their blog on facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Jenn :)

  26. HI THERE! says:

    I love the limeaid!

  27. my3tartlets.com says:

    Following thm on FB!

  28. my3tartlets.com says:

    I left a comment on their blog!

  29. lindaannga says:

    My Fav color of the twine is Lemonade pink!

  30. my3tartlets.com says:

    Loving the limeade!

  31. Left a comment on their blog!

  32. I love this twine especially the blue sugar!

  33. Lindsay Thompson says:

    I am following the Bakers Twine blog.

  34. Lindsay Thompson says:

    I posted a comment on Bakers Twine blog.

  35. Lindsay Thompson says:

    I love the Licorice Twist color.

  36. I adore the Lemonade Pink twine :)

  37. I love the grey macaron!


  38. tricityty says:

    Didn't know if the giveaway was still open! Sorry if it isn't! But I love licorice twist!!

  39. Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous says:

    limeade. loving green right now!

  40. I love them all but I like the blue sugar

  41. Blue Sugar is my def. fave.

  42. Lil Mama Stuart says:

    lemonade pink!


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