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Just in Time for Christmas — Silhouette Giveaway {worth $300}!!

{Giveaway now closed}

I seriously am so, so thrilled about this giveaway!! 

I know you have heard me talk about how much I love my Silhouette-SD!!
 I use it ALL the time!
And Silhouette is going to give one to a Tatertots and Jello Reader!!!  
The Silhouette-SD is the niftiest little gadget — it connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs it cuts them with a small blade. My favorite part — it comes with the software to create your own designs. You can also cut out any font on your computer — isn’t that fabulous?? No more cartridges!!!  And also — the Silhouette is Mac and PC friendly. AWESOME! 
This little machine can do so many things! 
You can make gifts with vinyl, create t-shirts and pillows with the Heat Transfer material, etch glass, make cards, magnetsplus more!
Plus Silhouette has an online library with beautiful images that you can download from fabulous designers. 
There are so many possibilities! 
Here are a few of my favorite projects I have made using the Silhouette-SD:
{Laundry Room Baskets}

{Christmas Subway Art Pillow}

Ok — here are the juicy details: 

This Silhouette Giveaway

{a $299.99 value}


Silhouette machine.

*Software for Windows XP/Vista and Mac

*Power Cable

*2 Cutting Mats

*One Cutting Blade

*Plus a $10 Gift Card to Silhouette’s Online Store

{And don’t forget: SILHOUETTE is now available to MAC USERS TOO!!}

**************************************Here’s how YOU can win: 

  • Let me know why YOU want to win a Silhouette. one entry. 
  • Tweetabout the giveaway – @jenjentrixie with a link to this post. one entry. 
  • Mention this giveaway on Facebook. one entry.
  • Blog about it or put the giveaway on your sidebar. Then come back and leave me a link to your blog. one entry. 
  • Follow or leave a Comment on  Silhouette’s Blog - where they have giveaways and free downloads. one entry.
{Offer only for U.S. entries only, please} 

And there’s more!!!

An Awesome Cyber Monday deal!

{Get a Silhouette-SD package for almost 1/2 off!} 

**Incredible Silhouette savings, valid ONE DAY — Monday, November 29, 2010 starting at 4 am {MST} and ending at midnight the same day.**

**This giveaway runs until Sunday, November 28th @ midnight {MST}. The winner will be announced the following day ALONG with THE CODE for the Cyber Monday Deal.**
Come back Monday to get the Cyber Monday CODE and info to save almost $200!

NOTE: I was sent a  Silhouette SD to review earlier this year, but I did not receive compensation to say I liked it.  I just really, really do!!

PS – want more chances to win?? These other fabulous girls are also giving away a Silhouette!!

** I will update this list as I find out about more sites that are having giveaways this week :)

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  1. The Hubs has been out of work for a bit, I have RA and can no longer work. I have tried to create stuff for all the new babies in our family and with the RA in my hands, it just doesn’t look that great. Having one would help me tremendously! We have in the past sponsored a few children every Christmas and it would so help with that!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Wendy Westberry says:

    I love CRAFTING/DIY projects. I would LOVE the chance to WIN a Silhouette SD . I am ready to get started doing things for my own home. Thanks!

  3. I would make all of my family and friends handmade Christmas gifts this year! I have been looking into getting one for a while now, but I have a mac, so I had to wait until it was compatible. Now that it is, I am thrilled! I want to make all kinds of fun handcrafts for my home and for my friends!

    (I also mentioned this on Facebook, but to be honest, I have no idea how to link it to you… The link is here:



  4. I love to do handmade gifts for all occasions, not just the holidays! I am also having a mostly DIY wedding this coming spring that I would love to have use of this machine for it. I have a cricut expression and I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I have shelves and shelves dedicated to cartridges and I still can’t do all of the designs I would like. I always find myself saying “This image would be perfect if I could only change…” I couldn’t tell you how elated I would be if I won! Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. What a brilliant machine! Mac friendly too, I am so excited about the concept and the possibilities. I hope to win this incredible machine that seems perfect for the technologically challenged like me!
    Thanks for opportunity,

  6. I would love to win a silhouette to add to my crafty collection I love to make all my gifts for christmas, teacher gifts and friends and birthday and this would be a wonderful item to add to my collection. I love the things that you can do with the silhouette. I think the first thing I would make is tshirts

  7. I love to bake, so I want one to make the cupcake liners!

  8. i would love to win. so many ideas i want to do.

  9. I would love to win this so I quit bugging my friend for her cricut :D

  10. Renee Richins says:

    I posted the giveaway on my blog



  11. love love love the all the ideas. I have a project making ornaments that I could use a silhouette for…:0 or a t-shirt- or a door monogram, or a gift for teacher/neighbors, or…, or…,

  12. Renee Richins says:

    I follow Silhouette


  13. Renee Richins says:

    I shared this on facebook


  14. Renee Richins says:

    I posted a tweet about this giveaway


  15. Renee Richins says:

    Your blog is the reason I want one of these. You have posted so many great ideas. I would love to label my pantry containers and I love the onesies, so cute! I could make so many wonderful gifts.


  16. The Moss Family says:

    I follow the Silhoutte blog!!

  17. The Moss Family says:

    There are so many things I would do with a Silhouette, but I think I would start with vinyl first.

  18. There are so many projects I'd like to try… I'm so inspired by all the cute things I'm seeing in blogland. If I had one now, I'd be using it to make my Christmas advent.

  19. I commented on the silhouette blog.

  20. I posted it on my blog sidebar under current giveaways here: http://seekabalancedlife.blogspot.com

  21. I would love to get creative but not take a million years to make cute things, the silhouette would simplify my life!

  22. jen @ {decor junkie} says:

    Oh I would LOVE to win one! I think the first thing I'd do is some cute vinyl wall art for Christmas!!! Here's hoping!!!

  23. I follow Silhouette's blog

  24. There are a million reasons I want a Silhouette, but first to make some cute onesies for gifts!!

  25. I would love to win!!! I would make cute shirts for my boys…and tons of embellishments/titles for my scrapbook pages.

  26. Would love to win this, so great, no cartridges….

  27. Matt and Cristin says:

    i really need this thing! i would use this in my sewing busines…! :)

  28. saundras_place says:

    I commented on the Silhouette blog!

  29. oh my! am I still on time??? I would love it!!

  30. Erin and Joe says:

    I am following Silhouette's blog.

  31. Erin and Joe says:

    I would love to create so much to organize and beautify my home!:)

  32. I can't believe how many fun things this machine can do!! My mind is buzzing with possibilities.

  33. saundras_place says:

    I follow your blog. I would LOVE to have the Silhouette machine. So many uses — it would brighten my day to win!!

  34. I would love it! I have 3 girls, 2 dogs and a cat, so the possibilities are endless!!!!

    I'll post it on twitter right away (@gabybaeza)

  35. mY dEwDrOpS says:

    I HAVE TO HAVE THIS MACHINE!! :) i would do so many things with it from iron on transfers to vinyl to sewing. love it! sewdewit@gmail.com

  36. hellomabel21 says:

    I would REALLY love to win this, as I am dying to do more craft home items just like yours.

  37. hellomabel21 says:

    I would REALLY love to win this, as I am dying to do more craft home items just like yours.

  38. Well I'd love one of these machines for labeling, card making, and glass etching.

  39. Steph and Brady says:

    I would love to win one just to do the vinyl projects let alone all of the other amazing things I could learn to do. stephfrbs at gmail dot com

  40. I follow the Silhouette blog – PICK ME!! Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!!:)

  41. I would love to win one so I can stop bugging my neighbor and my aunt to use theirs – lol!! The possibilities are ENDLESS! I LOVE the vinyl!

  42. Flocked tshirts!

  43. I want to win this machine so that I can make crafts for Christmas and to decorate the house. It would be so fun to experiment with this machine!

  44. I would love one of these. I'm new to the craft blog world and am so inspired by everyone.

  45. Northwest Gal says:

    How exciting.. The first thing I would use it for is a scrapbook page celebrating my win…Then the projects will be endless..
    Thank you for hosting such a fantastic giveaway..
    I enjoy you blog so much..
    Julie G


  46. I also left a comment on the Silhouette blog!

  47. JKLMNPeterson says:

    I am now a follower of the Silhouette Blog.

  48. JKLMNPeterson says:

    I posted this on FB.

  49. JKLMNPeterson says:

    I totally want to win this.

  50. I also Facebooked the giveaway last week!

  51. I would love to win a silhouette!

  52. Saying It Sweet says:

    I want to make lots of cute things!

  53. I'm new to the craft blog world and I would LOVE to win this. I'd make many of the things I find on tatertots and jello daily!

  54. I would love one of these! It would be great to make clothes and crafts for my little girl, Charlotte!

  55. Salisbury's says:

    Left comment on Silhouette blog.

  56. Salisbury's says:

    Why do I want one of these super cool machines? Because they are TOTALLY AWESOME!! You can do anything with these. I love the vinyl – some Christmas decorations. Love the heat transfer – cute Christmas shirts for the kiddos. Love the paper cutting – cute tags for Chirstmas gift tags! Endless possibilities!

  57. The Knight Family says:

    I would make some christmas t-shirts! LOVE your blog!!!

  58. I would love to win this because there are so many projects that are too daunting when faced with them with only an exacto knife.

  59. And I listed on my facebook page ! (Stephanie Huffman House at facebook)

  60. I want one of these to make a nifty Laundry sign helping the kids to sort their clothes!


  61. David and Stephanie says:

    i want to make all the cute boxes and cupcake liners. Plus think of all the cute paper crafts i.e. banners for holidays and birthdays.


  62. I would love to win one of these so I could make wreaths and swags and other decorations for my home. I have alot of ideas.

  63. Trina rowe says:

    I follow silhouette blog!

  64. Trina rowe says:

    I would love to win this because I have a million things I can think of doing with this! I would love to cut vinyl!

  65. Pearson Reunion says:

    This machine would be so awesome to use not for just family gifts but for craft ideas for our family reunion. I can even make more door prizes with the vinyl wall art.

  66. I am a follower of the Silhouette blog!!!! It's great!!

  67. I posted on Facebook about the contest and left a link!!

  68. I tweeted and left a link on Twitter!!!

  69. I would love to win – it's been a difficult year with the two of us unemployed… my husband just finally got a job!! Yeah! But I'm still looking – this would be a huge blessing and maybe I could earn a little money? Hope and pray I win!!

  70. I would be so excited to win this machine. I am expecting my first baby girl in 4 months and this would come in handy decorating the nursery.

  71. Hi Jen. Just wanted to let you know that I wrote a post about the give away. My blog is:


  72. I follow silhouettes blog

  73. I would love to win this machine. I'm new at crafts and knitting and spinning so I would like to use it as I develop my skills and work my way on Etsy.

  74. I tweeted it! @yeffinerp


  75. Chopsticks and Pearls says:

    I would jazz up some onesies for my 4 month old baby girl!!!

  76. I follow Silhouette's blog!


  77. I want a silhouette because it is just what I have been waiting for. I was soooo close to buying a different cutter that required cartridges, but I decided to wait for one that could work directly from software on my computer. It is perfect! There is so much fun to be had decorating my home and crafting with my little girlies!


  78. Chopsticks and Pearls says:

    I would jazz up some onesies for my 4 month old baby girl!!!

  79. Chopsticks and Pearls says:

    I would jazz up some onesies for my 4 month old baby girl!!!

  80. Chopsticks and Pearls says:

    I would jazz up some onesies for my 4 month old baby girl!!!

  81. Chopsticks and Pearls says:

    I would jazz up some onesies for my 4 month old baby girl!!!

  82. Chopsticks and Pearls says:

    I would jazz up some onesies for my 4 month old baby girl!!!