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Giveaway Monday — Miss Plunkett Accessories!!


I’d love to introduce you to Miss Plunkett Boutique
a super adorable accessory boutique with a unique spin on headbands!!

The Miss Plunkett gals are so clever!! 
They have designed headbands with posts in the middle and you can switch out the embellishments! 
 Such a great idea!
Here is how it works:
The headbands are great for anyone!
My friend Beckie at Infarrantly Creative has some and she loves wearing hers!
The fabulous gals at Miss Plunkett have offered to giveaway 
TWO $20 Gift Certificates 
to Tatertots & Jello Readers! 
And the prices are so affordable at Miss Plunkett — you will be amazed at the goodies you can get!!
Here’s how YOU can win: 
  • Share this great handmade shop with your friends through — Twitter, Facebook or on your blog. one entry for each.
These headbands would make a great gift for any age this Christmas!! 

***And guess what!!! Miss Plunkett is offering Tatertots and Jello readers 20% off your order THIS WEEK ONLY — all you need to do is type in the code Holiday20 at checkout! ******

Let’s support handmade.
This giveaways ends — Monday, 12/6 at midnight MST.
Good Luck!
PS What are YOU doing today? I am working on a fun Advent idea and a couple other projects — I will share them soon!

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  1. TheFlammfam says:

    I am a fan of Miss Plunkett on FB!


  2. TheFlammfam says:

    I would love to use all of the interchangeable headband, broachs, and pins. I really like the feather and frills as well. Too many choices.


  3. Nick & Meg Smith says:

    Love the feather headbands!

  4. and I shared the shop on FB

  5. i tweeted about the shop!

  6. I liked Muss Plunkett on FB

  7. I would pick a headband with the gwen gray flower with the petite diamond center

  8. I'm a fan on Facebook!

  9. I would get a ring with the lacey light pink flower and the ivory diamond leaf center.

  10. I went over and checked her site out -really nice -I choose the black headband with the lime green flower and the sparkly jewel in the center -applied my 20% off and presto one more gift checked off my list :-)

  11. I would get a black headband with Felicity Black feathers.

  12. soccerguy13 says:

    I also became a fan on facebook. :-)

  13. soccerguy13 says:

    I don't know how to pick just one thing! I love the grey band with the pink flower and feather! Just LOVE the idea of changing it all and all the pieces working together. LOVE IT!!! Thanks!

  14. If I had a baby girl she would be wearing these! For now, I will wear them myself! I like the Gwen Blue Green flower with a grey diamond leaf center on a black short clip. LOVE all of the design choices!

  15. The Stevens Family says:

    Shared on FB

    Krista 519 at aol dot com

  16. The Stevens Family says:

    I like Miss Plunkett on FB

    Krista 519 at aol dot com

  17. The Stevens Family says:

    I just checked out Miss Plunkett online. If I won, I would choose a headband for my daughter with an ivory rose, and turquoise feathers! Plus an ivory crystal center. So cute!

    Krista 519 at aol dot com

  18. Jenglamgirl says:

    I can't pick a fav. I love so much. I adore the Felicity Torquise feathers… GORG. xo jen

  19. Jenglamgirl says:

    I liked them on FB! love all their stuff so darling!

  20. The Gillettes says:

    I am a fan of Miss plunkett on facebook. I think that I would choose a white clip to go on a ivory nylon headband with a Gwen lilac flower with a simple pearl ivory center. I love headbands on little girls. I can't wait til our little one comes in march to be able to dress her up with them.

  21. I LIKE them on Facbeook– Shannon Nelson :)

  22. I'd pick a headband with the light pink flower and the petite diamond center!!!!

  23. Nicole Covington says:

    I'd choose the white headband, white clip, with Hennia Blush Feathers, White Nettie Fan, Lt pink Rose and Pearl Diamond Center for my baby girl.

  24. Nicole Covington says:

    I like on facebook!

  25. Nicole Covington says:

    I am a fan on facebook!

  26. I want a clip with the black netting and the teal feather. LOVE it!

  27. Nancy's Couture says:

    I'm a fan of Miss Plunkett on FB.

  28. Nancy's Couture says:

    I would choose a headband with a buttercream rosette, polly puff light pink,and a clear diamond center.

  29. I LIKE on Facebook

  30. I LOVE love LOVE miss plunket! Can I just say that I want everything?

  31. Hernandez says:

    Oh everything is too precious! Im super excited about this give away because my sister is due with her first girl in january… and after 4 boys, this little girl is going to be FRILLY!
    I love the feathers with the flowers… so cute!

  32. I love the idea of all these interchangeable accessories! I would get a black head band with ribbon white black floral, Gwen Navy flower and clear diamond center 😀

  33. I am a fan of Miss Plunkett Boutique on Facebook!


  34. I would get the white headband, with the light blue polka dot ribbon, Addi buttercream flower with the simple pearl light pink center.


  35. Jordi and Dallan Lee says:

    Oh and my email is


  36. Jordi and Dallan Lee says:

    I also posted about it on Facebook with a link to her website!

  37. Jordi and Dallan Lee says:
  38. Jordi and Dallan Lee says:

    I became a fan on facebook!!

  39. Jordi and Dallan Lee says:

    I love Miss Plunket's flowers! They are so beautiful!
    I would to have a Gwen Violet flower, With some white netting and a diamond center, all on a clip! I would loooove that!

  40. DiSailsToo says:

    I am a fan of Miss Plunkett Boutique on Facebook.

  41. DiSailsToo says:

    This was really hard! But I picked the white headband, Gwenn hot pink flower, and Clear Diamond Center – start! There is really so much more that I want. These would be perfect for my photography!

  42. facebooked about giveaway

  43. love the ADDI LIGHT PINK flower or a lilac pin! anything would begreat

  44. The lilac flower on a white headband with a diamond center! please!!!

  45. Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) says:

    Oh I love it all, especially the light pink flowers with the light pink feathers behind. Can't wait for our little girl to get here!


  46. Eric and Hilary says:

    i am a fan on facebook.

  47. Eric and Hilary says:

    i would get the grey nylon headband with the pink addi flower and pink fluff and white flat netting with the pearl middle. i just tried to use the coupon code and it didnt work! :(

  48. Luke&Megz says:

    I love the combination of the feathers and netting…I would definitely make something fancy for my 2 month old…she loves fancy!


  49. Luke&Megz says:

    I "like" on FB!


  50. Mandi @ Finding Home says:

    I liked on FB too!

  51. Mandi @ Finding Home says:

    I'd get a polly puff light pink feather with a chocolate giraffe ribbon and a simple pink pearl all on a headband. You're right – these are affordable!!

  52. I don't know what I would pick. I love everything!!

  53. Liked on FB!

  54. I liked Miss P on FB!

  55. wow! there is so much to chose from! i think i would go with the rose white!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  56. I would love a headband for my niece for Christmas!

  57. Chelsea Ling says:

    addi flower

  58. I would get a Gwen flower on a headband.

  59. There are way too many fun things to choose just one!! Let's just admit if I win or not I will be buying some and if i win I will still be buying more. Love them!!

  60. I like Miss Plunkett on facebook.


  61. I would get a headband with buttercream flower and a pearl diamond center.


  62. I'd have to do a black headband with a light pink flower–simple but cute!

  63. cjameliamom says:

    Great idea! I like the pearl double bracelet with the orange damask.

  64. I think the addi brown flower is so cute! My daughter would love it.

  65. I am a fan on FB.

  66. I would get a grey headband, the frannie pink feather, and a petite diamond center. So cute!


  67. I liked on Facebook!


  68. Tweeted! (@collington)

  69. My newest friend on facebook!

  70. Holy crap, I can't make up my mind! But I think I'm going with a flat Nettie, a Polly Puff and the Gwen (hot pink, of course!) … and that's just for starters!!!

  71. i like the felicity turquoise feather! would make it into a headband!


  72. I like it on FB!

  73. I love anything with feathers. So cute!

  74. All her stuff is so creative and cute, but I would get a headband with the lacey flower in buttercream or brown and the pearl Diamond center.

  75. I "liked" on fb!

  76. Oh my!!! My new baby girl is gonna need so many of these! I just love the flower headbands w/pearl centers & the netting!!!!!

  77. Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    I would get the nylon headband in grey, and some clips to go with it for my daughter.

  78. Love the lime green one! So pretty!

  79. love the gwen navy flower! i think i would do it as a brooch so i could use it as everything!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  80. The Smith Family says:

    I like it all! I don't know if I'd be a nice mommy and get something for my girls or just get something fun for myself! :)



  81. I "like" Miss Plunkett on FB

  82. I love the feathered headbands!

  83. I would love to get for my daughter a black headband w/ the Felicity feather in Black. Maybe a little bling on it too!

  84. I would get the black Felicity feather on a black headband. I love how it's modern with a bit of vintage flapper girl too!


  85. dimpleprints says:

    My daughter would love to pick! How fun. I am sure she would go girly all the way, headband with as many frilly details she could get on it. Thanks, Calri

  86. I'll get the Black Clip Long with Gwen Aqua flower and a Simple Pearl Ivory center.

  87. I'm a FB fan!

  88. I love love the Gwen light pink flower on a nylon headband! Everything is just darling!

  89. Ooohhh, I'm loving the feathers! They are at the top of my wish list.

  90. I would choose ALL they Nylon headbands and ALL the Flowers and Feathers for my 3 month old little girl! LOVE..LOVE…Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Also became a fan on FB

  91. Courtney @ A Diamond in the Stuff says:

    Oh I am SO loving these! I totally need one for my daughter for our holiday pictures!! I would order the Gwen Red flower with a simple pearl ivory for the center on a short white clip!!!

  92. Pearl Necklace with white or ivory rose. Love these items!

  93. elisekayem says:

    I'm also a fan of Miss Plunkett on facebook!!

  94. elisekayem says:

    I would put the Felicity Turquoise feathers on a headband with a black flower and a diamond pearl in the middle… the felicity turquoise feathers are my favorite part though!! :)

  95. I liked on facebook!

  96. My creation. for myself of course because I am a mom of boys, would be the Gwen blue green flower with an aqua pearl center on a black clip and the black nylon headband.

  97. I want a pink flowered headband with white feathers and a diamond center!

  98. The Baldwin's says:

    i have a wedding coming up and my daughter would look darling in the aqua blue satin flower with black netting over it…what a great idea!


  99. I like Miss Plunkett on facebook.

  100. I would get a headband for my baby, and it would definitely include a poppy and netting.

  101. I would get the black headband, with the Gwen light pink flower, and the black gem center. I love pink and black together!

  102. Sammie Brumble says:
  103. Sammie Brumble says:

    I became a fan of Miss Plunkett on Facebook!
    samantha kristine heder

  104. Sammie Brumble says:

    I would get the gray headband, the light pink flower, and the white pearl center! Perfect for my sister in law who is pregnant!

  105. I'm a fan of her boutique!

  106. Oh my goodness I lvoe the netties she uses! SO CUTE.

  107. I love the addi rust flower!

  108. The Hennie Tan and Phyllis Peacock are both chic and fun!

  109. I'd get a pink headband with a pearl center.

  110. I just had a baby girl, so the the infant size, and Im lovin the feathers!

  111. how cute and clever is that!! LOVE. I'd totally do a headband for my daughter and a cute fabric rosette for myself.

  112. I would choose anything pink! My sister just gave us our first girl in the family! Girly all the way!

  113. I would choose anything pink! My sister just gave us our first girl in the family! Girly all the way!

  114. I would get both the Gwen and Addi flowers with a headband and clips options.

  115. Allison Wagstaff says:

    the lilac flower headband with the diamond center….so cute!

  116. The polly puffs are soooooo cute! amandawalch84@yahoo.com

  117. Love the addi flower in chocolate. Super cute!

  118. I'm leaning toward a pink flower with some Frannie ivory feathers and maybe a pretty center. My baby girl's first birthday is coming up and this would be PERFECT for her 1-year-old portraits.

  119. I am a fan on FB!

  120. I would pick the felicity tourqoise feather! I would want it as a clip! so cute

  121. I love the stella in black flower.

  122. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I would pick the Addi Orange Damask flower. So pretty! I can't wait to see your advent idea. I made an advent calendar last year…I'm reposting my tutorial tomorrow:)

  123. I would love to get a headband for my little girl with the Addi Lt Buttercream flower and the Polly Light Pink feather with a Simple Ivory Pearl center! 😉

  124. I'm a fan on FB!

  125. I would love to win this – what a great idea! I think I'd choose a black flower with peacock feathers!

  126. Jill Manning says:

    I became a fan on Facebook!
    geobrimtall at yahoo dot com

  127. Jill Manning says:

    I would love to get my hands on that pearl necklace. What a great idea!
    geobrimtall at yahoo dot com

  128. I like on FB!

  129. I would definately get the Felicity Turquoise feathers with the Gwen in Aqua and the simple black pearl center.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  130. Miss Plunkett is great! There are so many options to pick from.

    We are having a very rainy day here today and I have been going back and forth across town to see my Grandy at the hospital.

  131. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    what a fun giveaway! love the felicity turquoise feather!

  132. Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  133. Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I "liked" on facebook.

  134. Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I start out with the clip, for the accessory, I would try the Felicity Turquoise feathers and then the Addi Black flower. For the center I would get the gray diamond leaf. oooh!!! How fancy I would look!

  135. I would order a cute headband for myself!

  136. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely says:

    I can't get the website to load, but I whatever I would get would probably be on a clip, so DD and I could share it. :)

  137. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely says:

    I "like" Miss Plunkett on FB.

  138. I would do the black headband with the felicity turquoise feathers and maybe a necklace with a fabulous flower! I love how fun it is to choose your pieces!

  139. The Full Nelson says:

    love the addi hot pink flower


  140. I love all the items..the flowers, feathers, centers.. My fav so far is the lacy black flower.

  141. I want a long pearl necklace. Not quite sure what I would put on it yet, there is too much to choose from! 😀


  142. seekingsense says:

    I'm in love with the Gwen Lime and would probably add a Clear Diamond Center for some pop!

  143. I am making another Paper Wreath for a Christmas gift…it never stops…once people know you can glue things together strategically…it. never.stops.

  144. I really like the addi silk flowers and I need some felt flowers for a hat I am resyling. Fun!!!

  145. I love the antique rose with a diamond and pearl center and some ivory netting for a headband for my little girl due in March!

  146. I like the lacy chocolate flower and the large poppy off white flower, and the ivory rose. Cute shop

  147. Michelle-esque says:

    I would get the Gwen Safron flower on the Nylon Headband in Ivory! :)

  148. Anything with a feather! Those headbands are really cute. elliecampbell@live.com

  149. I would get a headband with hennie feathers & nettie & a lil stone in the middle. These are super cute!

  150. April in CT says:

    I'd get a brooch pin, the turquoise felicity feathers, gwen burnt orange flower and a pearl diamond center. Will it all fit on one pin, I have no idea, but it sure would be cute!! What a great idea, I'll definitely have to order if I don't win.

  151. It's all cute…but if I have to PICK, I like ALL the head bands with flowers! OK~ a black one…OR..brown,with a diamond! 😉

  152. Good grief, there are a lot of options! I think I'd do the orange damask + ivory pearl center + some sort of feathers + ivory band + pin.

  153. I would like the headband with the addi buttercream flower and the pearl center…

  154. Two Dollars says:

    I know I would get the peacock feather and the pearl middle. I'm debating on the other stuff.

  155. Two Dollars says:

    already a fan of theirs on FB

  156. Yep, the Addi Lt Headband. Perfection.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. I would get the addi multi flower with the black headband and probably a feather! SOO cute!

  158. I added a link on my blog's sidebar.

  159. I fbed and linked to the giveaway. Thanks!

  160. I tweeted as kluckingbear about the giveaway.

  161. I heart Miss Plunkett on etsy.

  162. The Gambrel Family says:

    I love the Addi lt. buttercream-so cute!!

  163. I just love the fabric flowers, but I think I'd left my friend's daughter (who's having a little girl soon)choose something herself.

  164. i will be posting about this giveaway on my facebook!!!

  165. i like them on facebook!!

  166. i would love the addi kelly green flower with a clear gem in the middle and add a Ribbon Houndstooth!!! amazing stuff!!!


  167. I would buy the Felicity Turquoise feather set with a matching black headband. So beautiful!

  168. I "like" Miss Plunkeet on Facebook!

  169. Ranae Broadhead says:
  170. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i like on fb!


  171. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i like the addiflower!


  172. Love these! I would get the baby headband with the ivory netting and a turquoise flower with a pearl center.


    Today I am making a yarn ball and ornament wreath… hoping it turns out well!

  173. I love the lime poppy & clear diamond center

  174. Holly Park says:

    Love all of the headbands with netting!

  175. Holly Park says:

    Love all of the headbands with netting!

  176. Definitely the Addi Lt Buttercream

  177. Rosemariee says:

    I like the Addi Lt Buttercream flower on a headband.

  178. Nicole, Kole & Hendrix says:

    I love the Lacey buttercream or the poppy burnt orange. I would get a pearl diamond centre on a black headband.

  179. Nicole, Kole & Hendrix says:

    I like Miss Plunkett on facebook

  180. i really like the addi flower in chocolate!

  181. Heidi Wendland says:

    I would get the black headband with the Felicity Turquoise feather, black flower, clear diamond center.

  182. CUTE!
    I'm trying to make my own from your tutorial last week. We shall see! :)

  183. Bryn Wimberley says:

    Lilac flowered headband!

  184. I would get a lilac pin with a diamond center!

  185. Tj and Amy says:
  186. Tj and Amy says:

    fb fan of miss plunkett. amy bolda pugmire. amypugmire@live.com

  187. Tj and Amy says:

    i love the addi light pink flower. amypugmire@live.com

  188. DanielleisNesting says:

    I love the polly puff in black. Too cute!

  189. i would get the gwen lilac flower on a white headband with a diamond center