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Subway Art Showcase!

Thanks everyone who linked up for my Subway Art Party!!
It was so much fun going through all of the fabulous projects!! Every single project was an inspiring, creative take on this cool style!
Over 50 Subway Art Projects linked up so far!!
here are just a few –
So many different colors:

So many different Themes:
{Crafty — Envirocraftiness}
 {Family Streets — Life at our House}


 {Wedding Vows – The Averitts}
Subway Art Sign Hello 013
 {Hello — Pickles and Cheese}
{Summertime — Wash, Fold and Repeat}
{Christmas — Shady Creek Lane}
And so many different Techniques that you used to make your art!!!
{Contact Paper  – Pieced Pasttimes}

{Exacto Knife  — Elzabelz}
{Stenciled – Where the Heart Is}
{Mod Podge and Hot Glue — Simpsonized Crafts}
{Mod Podged, Inked and Fabric – Dilly Dally & Flitter}
{Carbon Paper — Decor Allure}
{Printed on the Computer — Until Tomorrow Val}
 {With a Projector — This Plate is Full}
 family rules
 {Scrapbook Letters – My Backyard Eden}
It’s so hard to do a wrap-up on the party because each and every one was TRULY wonderful. 
 Go over and be inspired!
And I would love for you to link up if you have made some Subway Art. I am going to keep the button on my sidebar linked to the party — as a great place for people to come for Subway Art ideas in the future. Then they come over to YOUR blog and see YOUR project!
And the winner of the personalized Subway Art is:
#92 — Michelle @ Confessions of a Blogaholic

I would LOVE one of your beautiful subway art pieces for one of my little girls’ rooms!

I am off to work on my Laundry Room Redo.
What project are YOU working on this week? 
Be sure to enter the Keefer Creation’s Jewelry Giveaway to win this beautiful Sterling Silver “Fly To Your Dreams” Necklace:


  1. river song says:

    oh, I love this! I came over here from Sara Jensen's design blog; I'm also an artist and I noticed you're on facebook and I'd love you to become a fan of my page, suntreeriver design and maybe be a future guest artist, too?

    PS I couldn't tell if you have a page or if you badge is you FB profile.

  2. eckleinman says:

    You have inspired me!! Love, love, love your blog! check out my subway art http://www.littleroodesigns.blogspot.com

  3. Lifewithpurpose says:

    This is a really cute idea. Love the art.

  4. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    So many great versions! I just finished my first one. It took two attempts because my first technique didn't work out like I wanted it too. But now I think it is going to make an awesome wedding gift for my friend:)

  5. aaagh! I love this compilation! thank you for hosting this party – I can't wait to find a few moments to go through the different techniques. so fun to see all the different versions!

  6. Thanks so much for highlighting my "easy way out" subway art :)! There were so many great ones linked up! I loved looking at them all!

  7. Pieced Pastimes says:

    Thanks for hosting this lovely party. It's wonderful to see all the different techniques and styles that people have used to create their subway art.

  8. Really love all of these projects…so glad you've rounded them all up.

    My personal fav is the hokey pokey sign :)

  9. Beth at Aunties says:

    I am so impressed with Each and Every one. So inspiring and it really motivates me to embark on creating some for our home! (I haven't been too inspired lately…lol)

    INCREDIBLE! Thanks:)

  10. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming says:

    Wow Jen what an amazing party! I am so imspired…I want to totally cover my walls in Subway art right now! Thanks for the link – I greatly apprecite it! I really have to bookmark this post – fantastic ideas! Hope you are having a great night! Stephanie Lynn

  11. Thanks again for the shout out and the party. I am LOVING the one with the wedding vows. Brilliant! There are so many different methods! Amazing!

  12. Life is what you make it says:

    I tried doing subway art and failed miserably! But I learned along the way. I'm more of a crafter 'wanna be.' I did wonder about using scrabook stickers…maybe I'll read about some more techniques and try again. I enjoyed the process and am not giving up! Now it is all about trying to eventually get 'the product.'

  13. Home and Heart says:

    What creative wonderful pieces and people!!

  14. Michelle M. says:

    YAY! I am SO excited that I won!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Liz @ Sugarplum Creations says:

    Okay, so now I'm loving subway art. At first I wasn't so sure ;) And yes, I'm a bad bloggy friend. I haven't opened the laptop in days. I've missed your craftiness!

  16. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    I am in awe of all of the creative designs. I love all of them! It was nice to see the ideas of using scrapbook letters or the computer…even I could do those! I'm tend to be pretty sloppy with paint, but maybe with stencils I could do it…since I didn't win:(

  17. Oh my word – these are all awesome!

  18. I'm so excited to have been "highlighted" with all these other wonderful ideas. Thanks!

    And thanks for hosting great parties.

  19. Thanks for the feature!! I eeeeee-ed for a good minute straight! This is one of my favorite blogs so it means so much to me! Thanks again!

  20. KM @ This Plate is Full says:

    Thanks soooo much for the highlighted spot!!! Your a sweetheart & if anyone wants to know where I got that projector Ill be happy to share :0)

  21. I love the different takes on it that people used!!! So much creativity here all the time. :)

  22. Nina @ Momma Go Round says:

    YEAH! I'm so excited to be highlighted here. You totally made my day. Thanks so much!