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Fantastic Ideas for my To Do List — Part III

 Happy Saturday! 

I woke up to a party full of amazing ideas!
It’s so fun each week to see what you’ve been working on! 
And add to my to-do list — 
which is growing and getting longer each week :)
 Cute Teacher Appreciation Gift Bags @ Living With Punks
Lovely Fabric Flower Wreath @ Get Craftin’
I’ve always wanted to learn how to make these Soft Pretzels @ Emily Shares in the Kitchen
 Mom’s To Do List Board @ Less Cake {More Frosting}
Anthro-inspired Top from an old Skirt @ Frundy
 Ballard-inspired Antique Mirror @ a little of this  — a little of that
bathroom mirror 015
 Framed Mirror Tutorial @ {Show & Tell}
Freezer Paper Guitar Stencil Tutorial @ Pink Tea
Ok, more features coming up including — more great recipes, re-fashions, DIY projects, great party ideas and more!
I will post another edition later tonight!
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And — a Week Of Giveaways coming up starting on MONDAY — 

Have a Happy Saturday!
I’m gonna go work on my square foot garden today.
What are you doing today?


  1. Sausha @ {show and tell} says:

    thanks for the feature :)

    i have heard of that square foot gardening – i need to check it out :)

  2. Jen,
    Thanks so much for featuring my project. Maybe next time I'll clean up all the junk on my floor in case the picture gets featured on a super cool blog. :) Happy Mother's Day! Thanks again!

  3. Connie Weiss says:

    More great ideas!!

  4. found you thru 6 degrees of blogging!! I must say, I love your blog… i'm a wanna-be DIY crafter myself!! :)

  5. Gracefully Vintage says:

    I Love this idea- of everyone sharing such great ideas- thanks for doing it- love the pictures as well- Great Blog- just became a follower

  6. ellie g says:

    Ummmm….I CANNOT BELIEVE that my little project is on this blog. Seriously. Thank you, thank you. I'm dying. It makes me feel like a million bucks. (And don't say i got emotional about it…'cause you totally can't prove it :)

    Wait…did I say thank you?

  7. Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden says:

    I definitely will be doing some gardening too this weekend. I am going to try out those pretzels you featured right now.

    Have a great Mother's Day!

  8. Jackie says:

    P.S. I forgot to mention that you're my featured blog this week!

  9. Jackie says:

    Stopping by via Six Degrees of Blogging & linked you up on my page too. I really love your ideas & will certainly be back to find more. Stop by to visit us too!


  10. Brittany@twocrazycupcakes says:

    Love the bathroom mirror! What great ideas! Have a great weekend and happy mother's day!

  11. Fleur de Bee says:

    SUCH fun ideas!!! I can't wait for this next week to be over so I can start more of my own projects to be done and share! I hope you have a FAB Mothers Day! You deserve it! Have fun in the Garden! We're moving today and then tidying up my closet…fun I know ha!

  12. Ana Paula@ Get Craftin says:

    Hey Jen, Thanks for the feature!! So today I'm going to be cleaning up the tornado that passed right through my house haha Have fun gardening!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!! XOXO

  13. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says:

    Oh gosh. I was thrilled to see the birdcage light featured. Thanks so much. I really do appreciate you doing the parties.

  14. Debbie says:

    What awesome features! I just love coming over to your blog, I love everything you do, and your parties are always great! Happy Mothers day to you. I finally got around to adding your button that I have been featured at….I am a little slow going these days, so much to keep up with:)

  15. thanks! :-) Let me know how it goes when you get some time to make 'em!

  16. Thanks for the feature…I grabbed your button! I love that anthro top too! Will have to tackle it someday

  17. Katie Lane says:

    Great list, I love the Mom's To Do List Board!!

  18. Rhonda says:

    Good luck on your gardening today! My strawberries, peaches, and corn are doing great this year! We will be planting more today! Have a happy mother's day Jen!