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Giveaway for the week: Personalized Fashion Look Book!

Update: 4/24: Giveaway is Closed. I will announce a winner on Sunday. The Crimson Clover giveaway is still open until Sunday night at midnight. Come back on Monday for a new giveaway!


Today I am so pleased to introduce Reachel Bagley! 

Reachel is the author of Cardigan Empire 
a blog all about fashion.
Fashion Style Etiquette Cardigan Empire
She is also a personal shopper for Anthropologie and teaches fashion classes all over the country.
Her blog is wonderful! Every day Reachel posts about how to dress and look your best – no matter your size shape or body type. In fact, she breaks each body type down and does specific posts on her blog for each shape.
 She believes that each woman has the right to look their best and love their body. Reachel also offers a wonderful service through her blog –personal Look Books and Virtual Shopping Sessions.
 This is what Reachel says about her fantastic Look Books:

Everyone deserves a friend to go shopping with. The Fashion Look Book is like a friend, that you keep in your purse, and has lots and lots of opinions. Good, tactfully phrased opinions. Opinions that will make you walk away from that clearance top that’s shaped like a pillow case. Specifically the fashion look book tells you your body type, what colors you can wear, how to successfully clean your closet, how to buy a better wardrobe for less, and more. The fashion look book is kind of a know-it-all, but at least it’s concise. The fashion look book loves you, it wants what’s best for you. Trust the fashion look book.

 Reachel made a Look Book just for me! In it, she tells me:
  • my body shape
  • what colors look best on me
  • my style of dressing I Favor: romantic
  • what types of clothing will look best on me
  • she even found clothes online that I can buy that will look good on me and gave me codes for discounts! Here is a little example:
I love it!!! And, she is giving one Tatertots & Jello reader a customized Look Book. If you win, Reachel will contact you for a virtual consultation, and send you your own Personalized Look Book!! You can keep it in your purse and it will save you hours of shopping time!
How do you enter? There are all sorts of ways!
one entry: leave a comment on this post
one entry: Go over to Cardigan Empire and leave a comment.
one entry: Follow Cardigan Empire the blog (you won’t regret it)
one entry: Follow Cardigan Empire on Facebook
one entry: Tweet about this Giveaway
one entry: Blog about this Giveaway
one entry: Mention this Giveaway on Facebook
Leave me a comment for each thing you do!

and, if you leave a comment today @ Cardigan Empire, you can enter to win one of these: 

Good Luck!
This giveaway ends on Friday, April 23rd at midnight.
Have a Really Wonderful Monday!


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  26. Thanks for a great giveaway! Since having two kids, I am not even sure what my shape is anymore, let alone my style.

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  38. mammamia! this is a person i desperaaattely need. i have 2 children, youngest is 14mnts and i have not yet updated my wardrobe. i am afraid or going out to try new clothes! have got stuck in a rut with a couple of pairs of jeans and hubbys t/shirt.
    would so love to win this as dont even think these amazing people yet exist on our island! (or at least i dont know any!)
    tks becky

  39. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    Wow, I could definitely benefit from this! After having three kiddos fashion is something I'm relearning. THis prize would be wonderful!

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  64. Thanks for introducing me to Cardigan Empire. I enjoy this blog and will be keeping up with it.