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Extreme Makeover: Me Edition… Help!

It’s week 4 of Amber’s Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. This is a really great group of ladies who are supporting each other as we try to lose weight/get healthier. Go over and join!


Ok, I’m keeping it real — I am at a low point. I almost didn’t post today because I feel like I’m not making much progress. Here are the good points this week:

  • Not eating late at night (except one night when I had to eat like half a bag of Baked Lays)
  • Drinking more water (I am loving Crystal Light)
  • It’s finally warm here so I have been taking Ella for walks in the mornings (well, twice so far…)
  • Working out in my yard has kept me busy and weeding up and down is almost the same as lunges, right???

Bad points:

  • I am discouraged
  • My jeans are still tight
  • My stomach grossed me out in the shoe mirror at Target tonight as I was sitting to try on some sandals - blah!
  • I am tired of Jillian Michael’s yelling at me as I Shred
  • I am still going up and down with the same 2-3 pounds each week

The question this week is what type of music do you work out to that gets your blood pumping? Well, my kids will tell you that I like music way too young for my age. Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, The Fray, Owl City, Jack’s Mannequin — but also love 80’s stuff, Madonna, OMD, U2, Keane.


So, if you’re still reading this, please help me get motivated. Do you have any good ideas???? I am thinking about bagging it all and getting one of these:

{just kidding — kind of…}


Thanks for coming by!
I hope you have a wonderful day!