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Favorite Thing Wednesday: Extreme Makover ME edition!!

Have you ever been over to Amber’s place? She’s a really wonderful person. I haven’t known her long, but I can tell from her posts that she is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. She’s funny too!

{Isn’t she cute?}

Last week she had a post that really motivated me about changing my life. Since then I have been exercising every day and trying to eat healthier. And this week Amber is starting a new group for women (and especially moms) to help us get healthier. I know, for me, I run around doing things all day long for my kids and family – it’s easy to forget about me. This group is a way for us to support each other as we work on taking care of us and getting healthier. I’m really excited about it. Go on over to Amber’s and sign up to join the group. It’s going to be fun. Amber has all kinds of ideas and information as we do this.

As Amber says:
“You know what? I AM worth it. It’s time to take care of ME.”


It’s sunny here, so after I work over at the school, I am going to work out in my yard – it SOOO needs it!

What are you doing today?