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Thrifty Tuesdays: DSW Datenight Deals

What did you do over the weekend? Jeff and I went on a date night…. to DSW. (disclaimer: we did go to a very delicious dinner first). If you’ve ever been in a DSW you know how the store works. Each shoe in the store has a colored label. The color of the label means a different percentage off the price. Red = 30%, etc. So once in the store, you took the percentage off, based on the sticker, THEN, took another 40% off and THEN another 70% off that total. So basically, nothing in the store was more than $15. And these were brand name shoes! Such a difference from Payless (which is where I usually shop) lol. Here are my bargains: The receipt is so funny. We bought 7 pair of shoes (3 for my daughter), we spent $68 and it says we saved $550.00!!! (Remember those fabulous shoes I got for my birthday? Well, I ended up sending them back and now I ended up with 7 pairs for half the price of the first pair!)

Have a Thrifty Tuesday! –Jen