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Tasty Tidbits Thursdays: LOST????

I’m back. The funeral yesterday was very lovely. It was a wonderful service and tribute. Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments. And now, on to some mindless fluff:Since it is technically Tasty Tidbits Thursday, I was going to post about my no sugar New Year’s resolution and how that lasted about 12 hours. I was also going to talk about how I am now into craving conversation hearts and that you can make your own! If you are interested in doing that, go on over to the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory. It’s a really cool, crazy site and has a genius tutorial on how you can do that. Instead, I’m going to use my creative license and talk about what is really on my mind: LOST. Flashback to 2004: LOST was my favorite show. I couldn’t wait until the next episode appeared. What new facts would be revealed about Kate? Why was Jack so moody and complicated? What was that hatch and who lived down there? Who was that John Locke guy and why could he suddenly walk? Polar Bears? Strange black mist? And, who in the world was Sawyer?!!! Last night I was working on a project and I saw that LOST was on. WHAT???? Well, it turned out to be a recap. SO I’m working and listening to the show. What? What? I don’t remember any of the plot details. The recap is subtitled to make it easier to figure out what is happening. I’m busy, I’m not watching the sub-titles. How long has it been since LOST was on — a year ago? Two years ago? The plotline is so convoluted that I don’t know how anyone is going to know what is happening, what with all of the flash-forwards and flash-backs. And, how long were they on the island? So, if anyone is interested, here is a 8 minute 15 second recap that tells you exactly what is going on with LOST. The new season starts January 21st. I have to admit — I am going to be watching it! Will you?