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Creative Fridays: $2 Valentine Banner

Here’s an easy project to make with your kids. I bought two packages of foam craft hearts from my local craft store. They were on sale and ended up costing me $2 for each package. I used left-over scrapbook materials for the rest of the project. This is what I used:

  • Foam hearts
  • 4 different, coordinating scrapbook papers
  • Ribbon (one kind for each banner)
  • Foam and chipboard flower shapes that I use to make cards/scrapbook
  • Jeweled brads I had on hand
  • Stampin’ Up scallop paper punch
  • Scallop craft scissors
  • Glitter glue (I had it on hand, but you can get it at Walmart for $1)
  • Paper punch
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick (or big glue dots)

I did two different garlands: one big and one small.

  1. First I decided what I wanted my garlands to say.
  2. I punched a hole in each side of my hearts.
  3. I took the scrapbook paper and traced around the smaller sized hearts and cut it out using my scalloped scissors using the four papers.
  4. Then I attached the paper to the foam hearts using a glue stick.
  5. For the smaller banner, I punched out a circle for each of the small hearts using the Stampin’Up punch and attached those to the foam hearts using a glue stick.
  6. I used some ribbon I had in my supplies and cut 5 inch strips to tie between each of the small hearts. I cut 6 inch strips of ribbon to tie between the larger hearts. I then tied the ribbon to the hearts and left a knot in the center (but you could tie it in a bow instead).
  7. I laid each banner out on a table and used the glitter glue to make a polka dot border around a few of the hearts in each banner in a random pattern.
  8. I let the glue dry over night.
  9. I printed out my wording using my computer. I think the font I used is Ariel. The font size I used for the small valentines is 130 point. I think I used 260 point for the large hearts. You can also download some really cute fonts from www.1001fonts.com that would be cute also.
  10. I cut out the letters using regular old scissors and then attached the letters to the scrapbook paper in the center of the hearts. I used glue dots, but you could use a glue stick.
  11. I then embellished the hearts using scrapbook flowers and brads I had in my supplies. If you don’t have these you could cut out flowers using colored paper or flower punches and glitter them up to make them cute. I hot glued them onto the garlands.

Ta da — That’s it. A cute, easy, fun Valentine’s project for $2! Thanks for stopping by and have a Fantastic Creative Friday! PS — Did you hear???? Stephanie Nielsen is back posting the Nie Nie Dialogs for the first time since her accident.