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After Christmas Sales: Valentine’s Day Project

I am always a little sad and melancholy as I take down my Christmas decorations every year. Especially this year, as the holidays seemed to go by at lightning speed. I finally got my living room tree taken down yesterday – yay! I was at my local craft store this week getting some things for a school project and noticed aisles of Christmas decoration at 75% off. As I looked around an idea came into my head that Valentine’s Day is not that far off. Maybe I can alleviate a little of the winter doldrums with a cute Valentine’s project. I found these Christmas decorations for a steal, along with Christmas ribbon which, I think, looks pretty Valentine-y. I got the wreath for $1.99. The entire project cost me $10.78. Stay tuned, this coming week I have another cheap, fast, cute Valentine’s Day project to brighten up a cold winter day!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! –Jen