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Thrifty Tuesdays: It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

Sunday night the kids and I put up the Christmas trees. It feels so festive to have them up and it was so much fun putting them together with the kids. Ella had a wonderful time decided just where to place each ornament. This Fall when we had the walls painted I changed the room colors to a red, orange and brown theme. I wanted to tie the tree into the room colors, and I happened to be at Walmart the other day and discovered a great deal. I scored 24 orange, glittery balls for $5.00. And I also found the cutest little caged bird ornaments while I was there for $2.00 each. Plus I found giant glittery snowflake ornaments there for $2.00. And cool sparkly silver giant feathers with little clips on the end also for 2 bucks! Also, I can’t believe it but I am almost ready to hit my 100th post! I am going to do a Christmas-themed give-away. I will keep you informed. This will be happening in the next week! Sparkly Snowflakes — $2 Sparkly Feathers – $2 Caged Birds – $2 Here are some pictures of my office (in progress): I think the green color is growing on me… Thanks for stopping by – Have a great day!