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Pink Power

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It seems like breast cancer is everywhere. Two of my mom’s friends have just been diagnosed. And a woman in her neighborhood with four young children just got diagnosed this week. One of my close friends just finished going through a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation and is getting ready for her reconstruction. She was diagnosed at 38. She has gone through a horrible year with so many hard struggles but has managed to keep her sense of humor and love of life intact. She is an inspiration every day to me. Another friend of mine that I have known since college days was diagnosed at 36. She went through her double mastectomy, radiation and chemo and then a year ago found out that it has metastasized. She is fighting for her life. She is the sweetest person. She’s so creative — a great artist, a wonderful writer and jewelry-maker. As she has fought her cancer, her husband has posted about her struggles on his blog, The Fat Cyclist. So many people in the blogging world have found out about her struggles through his blog and have been and are praying and thinking about her. All of those prayers and thoughts have really made a difference.One example is a couple of months ago she had lost control of most of her physical abilities because she had developed tumors in her brain. It was such grim news. She went through radiation on her brain but the doctors told them that they could only do it once. There were hundreds of people praying and rooting for her. They set their clocks for a certain time everyday to think of her. Last week she went in for tests and they found that the tumors in her brain had shrunk “considerably”.

This is the trailer restored by a wonderful woman, Beverly Henricks. She is a breast cancer survivor. After she was diagnosed she was trying to find a way to help other women get diagnosed early. One day she was looking online and found a picture of a pink trailer in a field and it reminded her of camping with her family. She decided to find a trailer and restore it. She ended up restoring this trailer. It was a long and difficult job. When she was diagnosed she didn’t have health insurance so the cost of her masectomy, chemo and treatment literally backrupted her family. She found people in her community that donated some of the products she needed so that she could complete her restoration. Now she takes her little pink trailer she calls the “Pink Winged Warrior” across the country to breast cancer awareness events and talks to women about how important it is to get diagnosed early. When people ask her,“Why did you really do this?” She says, “My answer to them is simple…What else could I have done? I am not a Doctor, Chemist, or Surgeon. I know nothing about Chemo or Radiation except how it feels to receive it…I do not have millions or even hundreds of dollars to get this information to the next family it is likely to effect. So I will do it my way …in a Little Pink Travel Trailer, and effect as many people as I can. I hope you can share in the joy of the journey with me. Pink Huggs!” Check out her website. I am in awe of the strength of women and the power of prayer.