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Creative Fridays: Quick, Fast and Easy Halloween Project

This is an Halloween idea I found at the Joys Of Home site. Here’s what you need: a 3-frame picture frame, newspaper, computer, scissors, a copier and glue. It’s fast and simple.

  • Get your 3-frame picture frame. On the Joys of Home blog she got hers from the dollar store. I went to 3 dollar stores and couldn’t find one. I ended up getting one at Walmart on clearance for $6. If you can find one at the dollar store then this is a $1 project.
  • Look in your newspaper for a section that has mostly print with no headlines.
  • Copy that section of the newspaper onto tan colored paper.
  • If you don’t have a copier you can use the actual newspaper for background. The tan paper makes the newspaper look aged. (If you end up using the actual newsprint, you might want to mount it onto cardstock and then cut the cardstock to the size you need to fit in the frame).
  • Print out the letter BOO using whichever font you prefer. (I downloaded one from 1001 free fonts). It looks cute to use three different fonts — one for each letter.
  • Cut out the letters and glue them to the copy of newsprint.
  • Put the frame back together.

Estimated cost: $1-6 (depending on where you can find the frame) Estimated time: 10 minutes

Have a great day!